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Ostrich 2

On Telos

After Habermas

Something is not the same. You’re not
alone in pursuit of a time that existed
before the sacred grace of rituals, before
the history of mankind predicated upon subject
and verb, a purpose for faith: to name
the feeling that slowly sweeps through the body,
babbles and burrows in the veins as it charges
the heart. Yes, it must be our mission to sing, to yearn
for immortality; even the Egyptian tomb of Inti
holds the earliest reference to love. But what
of the smell of your bronzed skin taut across the torso,
the silken road of your spine, the braided memory
of your arms around me lost to the swamp of brain
far older than the lust for language?

Ruben Quesada

Ruben Quesada is the author of Next Extinct Mammal (2011) and Luis Cernuda: Exiled from the Throne of Night (2008). A CantoMundo fellow, he is the Founding Editor of Codex Journal, and Poetry Editor at The Cossack Review. His writing has appeared in Cimarron Review, The American Poetry Review, The Rumpus, Rattle, and Third Coast. He teaches creative writing at Eastern Illinois University.