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Welcome, and thank you for considering Ostrich.

Like a Christmas present from the gods, unsolicited submissions are open every day of the year as long as you follow a few basic guidelines:

Include a cover letter with your submission. Tell us something about yourself. Maybe not your life story, but at least your name, email, and the best way to get in touch with you. Let us know if your submission is being sent elsewhere, et cetera.

Simultaneous submissions are okay. Previously published work is not. Submit to one genre at a time. Wait until we respond before submitting again.

After 90 days, feel free to email us about getting our act together.

For more specific guidelines, look for your category below.

As of right now, we are not a paying market. As always, upon acceptance Contributors retain all rights but are asked to acknowledge Ostrich Review as first publisher if the work appears elsewhere.

Once again, thanks for considering Ostrich.

All the best,
The Editors

Guidelines for Poetry Submissions:

So you have poems and we want them. Attach 3-5 poems in a single file. 10 page maximum. No multiple submissions.

Simultaneous submissions are always welcome, but please inform us upon their acceptance elsewhere via the contact page on the website. Tell us which poem is no longer available, so we can check out the others.

Previously published work will not be considered.

Guidelines for OR Special Issues 

Call for Submissions: Days of Being Wild

Inspired by Wong Kar-Wai’s film Days of Being Wild, poet Rosebud Ben-Oni is guest editing a special summer issue for The Ostrich Review. We are looking for poems inspired by the film’s “long moments of stasis and sudden, powerful outbreaks of violent movement” (Brunette, 2005). Send us your rebellious, your urban entanglements, your solitary night walks, your “one-minute friends.” We are open to interpretations of both the theme and the film itself. Submissions will run from January 10- February 15. In order to be considered for the Days of Being Wild issue, you must (1) add “DOBW” at the beginning of the title of your document (for example, if the title of my document is, “Poetry submission for special issue,” my document title should read “DOBW Poetry submission for special issue”), and (2) mention you want to be considered for the Days of Being Wild special issue in your cover letter.


Guidelines for Fiction Submissions:

One story at a time. Keep under thirty pages, but even shorter pieces are more likely to make the cut. No multiple submissions. Wait until our response on your submissions before submitting again.

Simultaneous submissions accepted, but withdraw the submission upon acceptance elsewhere.

As always, no previously published work.

Guidelines for Visual Art Submissions:

We are looking for artwork that pleases the eyes while the stories are pleasing whatever sense stories please the most. Please only one submission at a time, and only files under 1 MB.

We’re now taking submissions for blog content! If you’d like to submit either a Tuesday Grab Bag or a Fifty Word Friday, be sure it abides by the following guidelines:

Tuesday Grab Bag posts should be somewhat literary in nature. Aside from that, be creative! Talk about whatever interests, inspires, or infuriates you. It should go without saying  (but we’re going to say it anyway) that hate speech, bigotry, and other forms of ignorance won’t be published. For an idea of what we’re looking for, see past Tuesday Grab Bags.

Please note that each post requires an image, so be sure to include something you are allowed to use. If the image is not your own, let us know where you got it!

Parameters for Fifty Word Fridays are also pretty simple:

  • Fifty words—no more, no less.
  • Don’t waste them on sentences like “This is one of my favorite books.”
  • Choose a book of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction that’s no more than two years old (reviews of chapbooks and novellas are welcome).
  • Check to make sure someone else at Ostrich hasn’t already reviewed it.
  • Be honest (but not unnecessarily mean or excessively praise-y).
  • Though it’s sometimes hard in close-knit literary communities, you should have no close personal or professional affiliation with the book’s author (this, obviously, means you cannot review your own book).

For guidelines regarding style, formatting, and what information to include, see past Fifty Word Fridays. Please note that we don’t provide the books for you, so it’s best to pick the book you’re currently reading or something you’ve been wanting to read anyway.

We will not consider previously published content (yes, your personal blog counts).

Now that all that’s out of the way, why don’t you head over to our submission manager and send us something awesome?